The Hunger Games Stage Show Opening Night And More Announced!

Read the new information below, thanks to Quarter Quell!

The planned opening date is June 8, 2016.
Official Synopsis:

Following the last installment of the record-breaking book and movie franchise, Lionsgate and Dutch entertainment group Imagine Nation are bringing the entire Hunger Games universe to a specially built theatre in Wembley for summer 2016! Follow the adventures of reluctant heroine Katniss Everdeen as she saves her sister from being selected for the annual child death match held by the Capitol, by volunteering herself. What follows is a harrowing journey from poverty to hero status as she battles for her life against the odds, with the help of fellow Tribute Peeta and their mentor Haymitch.

Can they all traverse the dystopian world of the Games and try to stay alive amid conspiracy, prejudice and horrifying violence?

With a specially built all-purpose 360-degree rotating stage, every aspect of Panem from the impoverished District 12, the opulence of the Capitol through to the action of the Games themselves will be visible for a fully immersive and nail biting experience. The Hunger Games will be produced by Tony Award-winning Broadway producer Robin de Levita (Titanic, 42nd Street and Into the Woods) with the UK’s top theatre promoter Harvey Goldsmith.


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