Revolution.PN is Live! 7/8/15

On top of everything else that happened today (read about it here), Revolution.PN is finally live! Here’s what it looks like (click any picture to enlarge it):  

If you click “Stand With The Mockingjay,” you’ll be able to watch the new Propo/Motion Poster that came out today.  

However, the good stuff comes if you click “Pillars Of Panem” on the far right of the first screen. This is what will happen if you choose to click that:    

Then click “Honor Their Legacy” to bring you to the next screen.  

When you scroll down, this is what you’ll see: 

Click on one of the squares over Katniss or Peeta’s name to see their Faces Of The Revolution poster as well as a short tribute to their character.    

As you scroll down, you’ll see this for each character.                

Pretty cool, right? Now head over to Revolution.PN and see it for yourself!


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