Cast and Crew Tease Tomorrow’s Release, Entertainment Writers Receive Secret Box 6/8/15

Leading up to tomorrow’s big release, Elizabeth Banks, Sam Claflin, Francis Lawrence, Willow Shields, Stephanie Schlund, Gwendoline Christie, and Wes Chatham have all posted some hype-inducing tweets. Check them out below!

In addition, some members of the press received an email from Lionsgate. Here’s what it included:

Later, they also received a secret box from Lionsgate.

The passcode turned out to be 451, like Squad 451 from Mockingjay. Take a look at what’s inside…

You can watch Josh Lincoln Dickey’s unboxing livestream here. The USB was passcode protected, and we think Lionsgate will email out the passcode tomorrow. The file on it is named “THGMJP2TSR.ZIP,” so it looks like it’s the teaser trailer that will debut tomorrow! Comment what you hope will be in the trailer below, and tomorrow we’ll see if you’re right!


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