Mockingjay Part 2: New Poster, Website, and Hack Unveiled! 6/1/15

Today marks the last first day of promotion for one of The Hunger Games movies. A bittersweet moment, but let’s get down to the important stuff: everything that was released today! First off, a new website was unveiled. Appropriately named Revolution.PN, the website prompts visitors to register their name and email to take a stand against the Capitol.
Next, we discovered that the rebels have hacked the Capitol! The “One Panem” social media sites on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram are now under rebel control. Check out a series of tweets sent out by the rebels below:

The tweets link to TheCapitol.PN, and when clicked we can see that that website has been hacked by rebels too! And that’s where today’s final reveal comes into play – a new official poster for Mockingjay Part 2!

The poster will be featured in movie theaters all around the world. See it in UHQ below, and be sure to tweet using #Unite to show your support for the rebels!  


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