“Mockingjay Part 2” and “Insurgent”

Have you heard rumors of a MJ2 teaser being shown before “Insurgent” and don’t know what to make of them? We’ve got you covered! Our fellow fansite Jabberjays.net reported earlier today that something related to Mockingjay Part 2 will be shown in theaters before “Insurgent,” the second movie in the Divergent series. If you want to read their post, click here. They have confirmed this with a theater in the U.S., however as Lionsgate has yet to comment on the whole thing I would take everything with a grain of salt.

It does seem likely and pretty smart on Lionsgate’s part to put something about MJ2 before “Insurgent” as many people who like the Divergent series are also interested in THG and Lionsgate makes both the Divergent and THG movies. Keep in mind that a full trailer (or even a full teaser) at this point in the game is very unlikely, so don’t get your hopes up. However, some popular fan guesses as to what could be shown before “Insurgent” are the Mockingjay logo transformation or a “viral video,” such as a Capitol TV announcement from President Snow.

Do you believe the semi-confirmed rumors? If so, what do you think will be shown before “Insurgent”? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Insurgent comes out in U.S. theaters on March 20th, 2015.


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