President Snow’s Broadcast, a Deleted Scene, and the Craziness that it Caused

Confused about what happened with President Snow’s announcement today? You’re not alone. But that’s why I’m here, to keep you updated and to help you understand what went down.

It all started around 11:15 AM EST on February 16th – President’s Day in the U.S. and the day of President Snow’s mandatory Capitol TV broadcast. tweeted out this link, where, when clicked, what appeared to be the beginning of Snow’s broadcast was interrupted by some binary code:IMG_1229
When the binary code was translated to English, a list of websites appeared. You can check out the translation here. What was so special about those websites? Well, hidden in the source code (HTML) of their home pages were images of various characters from The Hunger Games along with a message: “Tweet #UnlockMockingjay to access a deleted scene and see it before the rest of the world!” See some of the images from the source codes of the websites here:IMG_1219IMG_1220IMG_1218IMG_1217IMG_1222IMG_1223IMG_1224IMG_1226IMG_1221
This is very familiar… we had to do the same exact thing to unlock the final Mockingjay Part 1 trailer back in October! Of course, #UnlockMockingjay was the number two trending topic worldwide within a matter of minutes. Soon after, we got a percent counter and a teaser that updated live! See the completed teaser here. Around 1 PM EST, when we were still less than 15% of the way to unlocking the deleted scene, it leaked. It wasn’t because of a hacker, it was something almost more shocking – it was accidentally posted on the official Mockingjay tumblr account. It was quickly deleted from that account, but not before many fan accounts had already reblogged it. It stayed up on their accounts even after it was deleted from the source, so everyone who knew about the leak was able to see it early.

Around 2 PM EST, the counter started speeding up although almost all fans had stopped tweeting #UnlockMockingjay because they’d already seen the leaked version. Clearly, this is when Lionsgate planned to release the deleted scene all along! Suddenly, the Capitol logo on the teaser website transformed into a fiery Mockingjay symbol, and it finally reached 100% at almost 2:10 PM EST. At the end of the teaser was another video, and when you hit play the video turned out to be the deleted scene! @TheHungerGames on Twitter then tweeted the link that led straight to the deleted scene (click here). Finally, they tweeted the video itself for those who couldn’t get the link to work, and all this craziness was done. The only thing left to do was to freak out about Peeta, and I think the fandom did a pretty good job at that! Watch the new deleted scene “I’m Not Asking” here!


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