Natalie Dormer attends the BAFTAs

Another one of our cast members went to the BAFTAs too – Natalie Dormer! Lots of gorgeous pictures:

IMG_9808IMG_9939IMG_9794IMG_9798IMG_9797IMG_9802IMG_9862IMG_9795IMG_9804IMG_9800IMG_9891IMG_9803IMG_9810EE BAFTA British Academy Film Awards, Arrivals, Royal Opera House, London, Britain - 08 Feb 2015IMG_9801IMG_9796IMG_9786IMG_9861IMG_9809IMG_9805IMG_9799IMG_9787IMG_9860IMG_9844IMG_9843IMG_9882IMG_9892IMG_9884IMG_9883IMG_9823IMG_9881IMG_9824IMG_9828IMG_9841IMG_9826IMG_9825IMG_9827IMG_9842IMG_9880IMG_9876IMG_9829IMG_9879IMG_9877IMG_9916IMG_9941IMG_9903IMG_9940IMG_9878IMG_9812


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